This Week’s Highlights, 4/22-28/2023

As is often the case with prolonged cool, wet spells in early spring, Yellow-rumped (and Pine) Warblers descended on feeders. By week’s end, at least 14 were devouring suet, nuts, mealworms, and jelly in our yard in Durham.

Migration ground nearly to a halt for most of the week with a persistent onshore flow and lots of precipitation. Wednesday and Thursday nights, however, saw some good flights of passerines, with hawks moving once again on Thursday and Friday.  My observations of note over the past seven days included:

  • 1 female Evening Grosbeak, our feeders in Durham, 4/22.
  • 21 RUDDY DUCKS (FOY), 5 Horned Grebes, 33 Lesser Scaup, 6 Greater Scaup, etc, Sabattus Pond, Sabattus, 4/23.
  • 1 adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, Long Point Road, Harpswell, 4/24 (with Jeannette).

My other personal FOY’s this week also included:

  • 1 Blue-headed Vireo, Riverfront Woods Preserve, Yarmouth, 4/22 (with Saturday Morning Birdwalk group)
  • 2 Barn Swallows, Lisbon Falls waterfront, 4/23.
  • 1 “Eastern” Willet, Land’s End, Bailey Island, 4/24 (with Jeannette).
  • 2 Snowy Egrets, Tidewater Farm Preserve, Falmouth, 4/28.


This weekend (April 29-30) is the 13th Annual Feathers Over Freeport that we sponsor with public and private partners at Bradbury Mountain and Wolfes Neck Woods State Parks. We have a full slate of events all day, each day once again. The entire schedule and more information can be found here. All events are free with park admission.

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